Remote ID Verification

Remote ID Verification

What Remote ID Verification means

ADACOM Remote ID verification is a unique, quick, convenient and incredibly secure method of verifying customers identity online. Is equivalent to face-to-face verification. The method/process by which the Subscriber is identified through a live video call session and is equivalent to validation through physical presence. ADACOM has successfully completed the necessary conformance Assessments by an external Auditor for the Remote ID verification method which is compliant with eIDAS Regulation article 24 par1d .

Remote ID verification method by ADACOM is reliable, unbiased and compliant with eIDAS Regulation

Only 3 simple steps

ADACOM LRA authorized employee arranges an online appointment - video call with the Subscriber, through Skype for Business app
ADACOM LRA send to Subscriber the necessary instructions for a successfully video call session
When the video call is successfully completed, ADACOM LRA verifies the ID of the Subscriber

Document Verification

ADACOM team managing and training LRA employees on Remote ID verification method. Our verification specialists train our LRAs to recognize manipulations on the documents and fraud IDs

Tampered Information
Photoshopped elements
Accuracy of Format
Crumpled and folded edges

Video Call Terms

The required documents for Subscriber’s verification are:
  • ID or Passport
  • Application Form
The circumstances during the call must be satisfactory::
  • High Quality of sound and Video
  • Sufficient light
  • Good network speed
  • Consent of the Subscriber to the validation process and the recording is required
  • Consent of any other person participating either accidentally or intentionally is required
The session is strictly terminated if:
  • A children appears in the video
  • In case of Subscriber’s inappropriate behavior

The duration of the Video Call Session should be about 5 minutes

LRA follow the four eyes principle to avoid any doubt about the validity of the Subscriber